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Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service in Korea: MOGO

Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service in Korea: MOGO

I love to cook, but if you've ever seen my house you know that my kitchen sort of, shall we say, discourages me from making anything more than tea.

Because of this, I've been cooking at my office which has a nicer space to work with.  However, that means that I will also have to bring or keep all my ingredients in my office which is less than ideal.

When I heard of Mogo I was curious immediately. I have never tried any meal delivery system and the sound of it made me feel like a cheater - is it really cooking if its that easy?  But I had to try the pumpkin risotto, I had to.

Mogo was nice enough to send me three meals from their site: Cranberry Pumpkin Risotto, Mushroom Stroganoff and Cincinnati Spaghetti.  All of these meals are vegetarian, and are under $8 USD each.  No preservatives, nearly 100% organic, and vegetarian, in KOREA. Yeah, sign me up right now.

The meals were delivered on February 1, giving me a month to cook and eat these bundles of delicious joy.  I set to work on making the risotto asap.

The directions and information were easy to understand and genuinely interesting - they taught me something new!  The packaging was also small enough to easily fit in a backpack or book bag in case you want to bring these back and forth from home to work.

I stored mine in the company fridge and they didn't take up too much space at all.

Because every ingredient was measured out perfectly, I was able to make this at top speed without wasting any food or buying a giant bag of cranberries to never actually finish them.

My only issue with meal services like this is that there is a lot of plastic involved.  Luckily, though, the baggies and boxes are 100% recyclable! Plus, these ziplock baggies seem high quality so I'll definitely be saving most of them to use in the future. 

All I had to do was boil water, rinse the rice, and throw everything in the bowl at small intervals :) What I ended up with was a least three servings of risotto!

Here's my whole risotto experience:


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If you plan to order, be sure to let them know cari cakes sent you in the 'add a note' section :)

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