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Vienna Coffee in Southern Seoul

Vienna Coffee in Southern Seoul

When something looks good on Instagram, its probably going to go viral in Seoul.  That is truly the case with Vienna Coffee, the coffee obsession that has gripped most of the peninsula.

To finally try some for myself, I headed to Yangjae Station where Cuore Espresso (literally) whips up the most scrumptious Vienna this side of the river.

The cafe is surrounded by office buildings, so when I arrived right at lunch time, the place was buzzing.  A small second floor offers some quieter tables along with bar seating, benches, and a few tables scattered around the first floor.

Along with their famed Vienna Coffee, Cuore also serves up some stellar lattes and cappuccinos, and their newest menu item, chocolate tiramisu, was on every single table except mine - the struggles of eating alone.

They also had freshly baked cookies and scones that looks absolutely delicious.  I just got a the Vienna Coffee, though, because I knew that would be enough sugar for my system for one day ;)

I grabbed a secluded table upstairs and enjoyed my Vienna Coffee surrounded by trees.  The whipped cream was absolutely unreal, it was thick, creamy, and the light cocoa powder on top was the perfect finish.

Those two shots of espresso hit me hard later though!

At first I was unsure of the silver decorations on top of the thick layer of cream, but as it started to melt I decided it was edible.  I didn't taste any different and it had mixed in with my coffee in a few minutes.  Once I broke through the cream, there was a strong americano waiting for me.

See more of the cafe here!

서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 275 강남 MAIN TOWER


Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat-Sun 12pm-9pm

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