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Visiting Korea's 1000th Starbucks

Visiting Korea's 1000th Starbucks

Like many countries on Earth, Korea has its fair share of Starbucks locations.  1000, to be exact.

In November Seoul announced that Korea's 1000th store front would be in Cheongdam, and in order to fit in with the district's luxury image, it was going to be huge.  The three story modern building is also a Starbucks Reserve, meaning high quality beans and an exclusive-to-Korea menu.

 A nearly empty third floor.

A nearly empty third floor.

The second floor hosted a large bar where three baristas prepared drinks, specifically hand drip options.  Behind them was a long table where a tasting class was taking place.  For noon on a Tuesday, the space was filling up fast!

At first I thought I heard them call my number incorrectly, as I definitely did not order the gigantic macaroon placed on my tray.  They assured me this was mine so I grabbed my now very sugar-filled tray and headed to the third floor.

The third floor was significantly quieter, with only three tables occupied.  The wrap around patio outside lent a ton of natural light into the cafe with only a few dimly lit lamps helping nature out.

This was one of the coldest days of December so the patio was empty, but during summer I can imagine how peaceful the little oasis must be!

Now to what we're really here for: the exclusive drinks offered at this Seoul Cheongdam location.

I had two choices and one was the obvious winner.  A "Orange and Dark Mocha" or "Lavender Cafe Breve."  The lavender one was gorgeous. The foam had fresh rosemary and lavender sprinkled on top and the purple lavender syrup on the bottom layer looked out of this world, but I wasn't ready to try a sleepy herb mixed with caffeine.

I, of course, opted for the chocolate orange.  


Behold, the iced Orange and Dark Mocha.

I usually don't get anything besides black coffee, so I was really worried this would be too sweet for me.  With just one sip, though, I fell in love.

It tastes exactly like the chocolate oranges I love so much during winter.  There wasn't too much of a coffee taste at all so the extra money they charge for a "Reserve Shot" seems a bit silly but hey, I paid for it so who is the silly one?

I am not so sure how this would taste hot, but it was perfect iced! Not too sugary and they didn't overdo it on the whipped cream.  After I mixed it all up, I had a few sips with orange rind in it and they were delicious too!


To get there, go to Apgujeong Rodeo Station.
Come out Exit 4
Grab a drink at the Starbucks located right at Exit 4 (just kidding^^)
Head straight until the next traffic light
Turn left and walk straight, you can't miss it!

For more, here's a video!

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